The partner for your transportations in SASSUOLO, logistics and shipping in Emilia-Romagna

The historic headquarter in Sassuolo, located in the outstanding ceramic manufacturing area between Modena and Reggio Emilia, has always meant high quality service.
The building structure enables shipping and collection of large amounts of goods in real time to and from the Northern Italy, especially in Lombardy, Piedmont and France, thanks to a state-of-the art IT and management systems.
Together with traditional pick-up and distribution, warehouse for third parties container load/unload, the company can provide with a new shipping and pick-up service thanks to vehicles with hydro gate and electric transpallet in every building site and warehouses in Emilia Romagna not equipped for load/unload.


Entrance to the Gazzotti in Sassuolo


View of the load/unload area


Uncovered lorry: unloading goods


  • WAREHOUSE: Outdoor area: 22.000 sqm., Indoor area: 2.500 sqm.
  • VEHICLES: The warehouse is equipped with all types of vehicles, trailers, articulated lorries, tractors and vans for goods collection and shipping.
  • SPECIAL VEHICLES: Over 12 forklifts for internal goods handling.

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The operational headquarters of Sassuolo is 4 kilometers from the end of the new Modena - Sassuolo ring road. Exiting Reggio Emilia you arrive quickly either via Emilia via Rubiera or state road 467 towards Scandiano.