EXPRESS DELIVERY service for Milan and Turin


Express delivery service for the city centre

Thanks to our vehicles equipped for transit in city centres, our EXPRESS DELIVERY service can reach any destination!

Our vehicle fleet includes vehicles of all sizes and capacities; hence, we are able to transport and deliver the most varied materials in the historic centres of every city throughout Lombardy and Piedmont, with express deliveries in Milan and Turin each day.

Express deliveries in Milan's city centre
Our express deliveries reach places that would be difficult for other means of transport. In particular, in the city of Milan where deliveries of goods to Area C are subject to strict regulations, we provide a delivery service with Euro 6 vehicles equipped with a crane or tail lift for unloading the goods.

Express deliveries in the city centre of Turin
The need to transport goods entrusted to us right to their destination, even when it comes to reaching the historic centre of Turin, is a delivery service we can effectuate quickly throughout an extensive area thanks to the use of the most suitable vehicles – our new trucks with a capacity of 35 quintals and a maximum length of 7.40 metres for accessing and unloading goods in the most difficult-to-access streets.

A service that starts at dawn

Our express deliveries are always organised with the direct referents and can even be made in the very early hours of the morning, in order to avoid peak traffic times that can be a real problem for deliveries in the historic centres of cities such as Milan and Turin.

The advantages of our EXPRESS DELIVERY service:
  • Fast and extensive express deliveries in city centres

  • Deliveries coordinated directly with your persons of reference

  • Deliveries even in the very early hours of the morning

  • Express delivery in city centres of goods of any type and size

  • Access to restricted traffic areas such as Milan’s AREA C

  • Express deliveries in the historic centre of the city of Turin

  • Use of the most suitable vehicle for transiting in difficult areas

  • Euro 6 trucks equipped with crane or tail lift for express deliveries

  • Safety in unloading even large-scale materials

  • Reduced delivery times thanks to the authorised vehicles