Logistic services: warehousing and storage of goods

LOGISTICS is one of the fundamental services offered by Gazzotti, a company dedicated to managing goods throughout all phases of TRANSPORT, STORAGE and WAREHOUSING.

The experience gained over many years of operation in the logistics sector and the continuous updating carried out mean we are able to develop tailor-made solutions for each customer, no matter the type of goods to be handled.
Our company can thus provide a well-structured and streamlined logistics service, capable of accommodating and satisfying customers' various needs. Indeed, we offer a prompt and efficient service that guarantees the sorting of materials from deposit to deposit in 6–12 hours.

Thanks to the location of our terminals in Milan, Turin and Sassuolo, we are able to collect and distribute any type of good – even the most complex to manage – throughout Lombardy, Piedmont and Emilia Romagna very quickly and at advantageous costs.
Our computer system also allows us to constantly pinpoint the whereabouts of goods in transit, which allows us to accurately communicate the arrival time of the materials to the end customer.

I vantaggi del nostro servizio LOGISTICA MERCI:
  • Swift collection and distribution of goods thanks to the 3 terminals positioned throughout Italy in Milan, Turin and Sassuolo

  • Sorting of goods from warehouse to warehouse in 6–12 hours

  • Warehousing and storage of goods in warehouses and in extensive covered (and uncovered) spaces available at all of our locations

  • An electronic system for the transit of goods to ensure a constant and direct monitoring with the customer in real time

  • Use of the railway terminal S.I.TO (Società Interporto di Torino S.p.A.) for intermodal exchanges

  • Availability of equipment for storing and handling materials – including of large dimensions – at all of our sites in Modena, Turin and Milan

  • Organisation and handling of large-scale goods in vertical packaging