Local and international transportations, logistic services among the main services provided by Gazzotti Transportation to its Clients.


Sassuolo, Milano, Torino: our COMPANY strengths


Gazzotti s.p.a. has been active in transportations for over 50 years. During the years the Company has faced changes and innovation in order to meet market requirements. Thanks to a flexible and efficient structure, the company can provide shipping and logistic services in Italy and Europe, with a main focus in Emilia Romagna, Lombardy, Piedmont, Liguria, France and Switzerland..

The headquarter is based in Sassuolo, core site in the company system, with two branches in Milan and Turin, providing transportations, warehouse and shipping services. High service quality, customer care, security and respect for the environment are the key elements in the Company mission.


Since 1959 to present, GAZZOTTI: a family story


The Gazzotti family hails from Toano, a village near Reggio Emilia. Before the Second World War, transportations and exchanges followed the course of seasons, and the small family company lead by ancestor Antonio, ensured links and connections between Sassuolo and the Apennines, on a daily basis. During the "economic growth", the company began its growth: three brothers joined the operative company lines enlarging the company area of competence.
In Sassuolo, thanks the company followed the development of the ceramic industry, pursued innovation in services and structures in order to provide daily services giornalieri in the above mentioned areas.


Trust in progress, reliability and efficiency in our VEHICLES


"Trust in the Country growth and development" is the motto driving the Gazzotti mission. Thanks to the development of the Manufacturing sector, mainly ceramics, the company enlarged its operative structure in order to ensure wider logistic services and combines raw materials and finished products transportations.
Nowadays Gazzotti s.p.a. can ship and collect any material in real time in Italy and a large part of Europe.
Vehicles reliability and efficiency are the baseline of the company strategy. All vehicles are professionally tested and checked on a regular basis, ensuring high security. The vehicle on the road accomplishes the most dynamic step on the roads of Europe.

Commitment and passion state that Gazzotti is on the right track!